CONCORD, NH, 2006. Carolynne St. Pierre watches her youngest child EJ, 4, play in the window while her husband Rich is away on a business trip. Carolynne, who is undergoing treatment for terminal liver cancer, says she worries about taking EJ outside alone because she no longer has the energy to keep up with him. From the series “Remember Me.” (Photo: Preston Gannaway / Concord Monitor)

Preston Gannaway

“The people who are in our pictures give us so much and it's really important that that is a two-way street.”


Preston Gannaway is a Pulitzer Prize-winning documentary photographer and artist. For 15 years, she has focused on intimate stories about American families and marginalized communities while addressing themes such as gender identity, class and our relationship to the natural world. Gannaway is best known for her long-term projects like “Remember Me,” which chronicled a family coping with a parent’s terminal illness and was awarded the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. Her work has also been honored by Pictures of the Year International, NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism, Critical Mass, American Photography and Communication Arts. She’s been supported by grants from the Chris Hondros Fund, The Documentary Project Fund, NPPA and the Economic Hardship Reporting Project. Editorial clients include The New York Times Magazine, California Sunday Magazine, Mother Jones, ESPN, ProPublica, The Washington Post and CNN, among others.  Her first book, “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,” about the changing character of a seaside neighborhood along the Chesapeake Bay,was released in 2014.

Workshop Assignment

From Gannaway’s workshop assignment, October, 2003. (Photos: Preston Gannaway)

Workshop Candids

Eddie Adams plays god at the 2003 workshop.
Self-portrait, 2003.